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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 things you may or may not know

...about me and probably could care less but I don't have much to say these days so maybe this is total filler fluff and I should spare you the 1.78 minutes you may waste reading this.

Wow. I do I sound cranky or what?

1) I despise tomatoes but I like ketchup and marinara sauce.
2) My nostrils flare when I'm irritated.
3) My relaxed mouth is a natural pout which causes people passing me to say "it's ok to smile" and I hate it.
4) I had my septum pierced for a very brief time.
5) I haven't been to the dentist in like 5 years.
6) I've read the entire Twilight series 4 times, don't judge me.
7) I cry very easily. I blame my mother, I inherited her faulty tear ducts.
8) What I miss most about my youth is my friendships.
9) My son's middle name is Lundy after my gpa and my middle name is June after my gma.
10) I care too much what people think about me.

I have a much needed hair appointment tomorrow.
Perhaps that will brighten my mood.


  1. ohhh what a lovely and honest list! and might i add, your shirt looks so comfy.

  2. amen to #1, 3, 7, and 8! I can claim all of those about myself as well!

  3. I can identify with at least half of these, so don't feel so bad Kim!! :-)
    I hope the hair appointment does the trick for you.
    Sending you wishes for a good weekend.

  4. i'm a dental assistant....get to the dentist. now. {she said ever so gently}

    and i love lundy....but at first when i saw, gpa.....i thought what? in our house that means grade point average :)

    omg....i got those faulty tear ducts, too and cry SO easily. i should have been an actress :)

  5. beautiful images...and i can relate to your list...i took a 2 year break for the dentist (only came back to one cavity), i've read the twilight series about 4x too! and my sister's name is Lundy...it was my poppop's middle name & his mom's maiden name : )


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