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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Sun and stuff

Shadows from the sunlight peeking in from the window this morning were a sweet sight. Sweet enough for me to hobble over and snap a couple shots.


Lay off my cereal sharky.

E lost in thought. I asked what he was thinking about..."nothing."
Such a boy.

My foot is looking so much better.
This might be gross to you but believe me it's a HUGE improvement.
I'm celebrating the fact my foot no longer looks like a zombie corpse and
each day I'm putting a little more pressure on it. I can actually stand up with no assistance and equal pressure on both feet. It's progress.

Happy weekend!


  1. great morning shadows! so glad you joined {in the picture}. looking forward to seeing more of you :)

  2. wonderful shots...and glad that your foot is healing nicely. It still looks painful but at least not zombie looking! :)

  3. That last one of your boy is precious! Glad your foot is healing. Looks like you are taking good care of yourself!

  4. You captured your Sunday beautifully. I'm sure your son has been a good help during your recovery. Hope it improves and that you're soon skipping on the beach. :)


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