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Thursday, December 29, 2011

In the picture

I got some alone time to play with my new toy today.

I hinted via pinterest for this Ring Flash Adapter and got it for Christmas (thank you baby!) I'm sure I won't use it for many portrait sessions which is why I didn't want to get the more expensive Ring Flash, but I do like the softer light and the cool reflections in the eyes it creates.

It's a "just for fun" toy.

And I was having fun playing with it for sure.

Speaking of self portraits Christy of Urban Muser is putting together a community self portrait project called In The Picture. I have never been shy in front of the camera but I find it very difficult to "shoot blind" in a way (with out my eye in the viewfinder.) I want to take the time to come up with a concept, create it, and shoot it with out having to delete 100 shots before I click one that is acceptable. I am hopeful this project will help inspire and give me the much needed practice to reach this goal.

So... I'm excited. Something to look forward to in 2012.


  1. Love fun and would love to take that risk next year.
    I will join this project :)

  2. You're beautiful! Love these fun photos.

  3. These are wonderful! What a great new toy. Happy New Year! =) K

  4. you look SO beautiful in these photos.....absolutely stunning !!
    ps....happy new year !!


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