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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The window light got me off the couch

From my domain on the couch I spotted E playing with his train in a lovely patch of window light spilling into the kitchen.
The light was so sweet I had to...
I slung my camera around my neck, grabbed my crutches and hobbled over.

These are all SOC.
I started to convert them into b/w because of his attire.
You can see he's dressing himself these days.
Those yellow sweats are a favorite of his even though they are 2 sizes too small. The warm light and his warm skin didn't remain in the b/w so I left them as is.

In other news:

I had my check in earlier this week and got a new cast. They let you pick a color and I chose blue because it's my son's favorite. One of my super cool, creative girlfriends had a vision of cookie monster and came over to bring it to fruition.

The result: Coolest Cast Ever.


  1. Beautiful pictures of your boy! The cast is amazing! Your friend did a great job! Did she also do your peddi?

  2. those pictures are great! and yes, the light is perfect!

  3. i love those photos! and your cast is pretty AWESOME!

  4. OMG...your friend totally rocks!

  5. LOve the cast LOL. makes me want to have a cool cast s well (just kidding).
    I hope you are getting better.
    beautiful photos of E. Love the light.

  6. i love your cookie monster cast.....and i'm so glad you left the sun filled photos as is :)


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