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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Okorosave Day 1

The first day at the village was awesome, no, better than awesome. Mud huts, children shepherds, cooking over a fire, this is how they live and it's amazing. We arrived in the morning and went right to work on the church structure. The tree that sits in the center of the village and has acted as the "church" eventually shaded a few of the Himba women and their children. When the school kids started to filter in in the afternoon those of us assigned to work with them put down our paint brushes and headed to the tree. I love kids, and I was missing mine like crazy so I was overjoyed that I was given this assignment. We had a translator and that helped immensely. We sang a couple songs, taught them hopscotch which was a HUGE hit, then told the story of David and Goliath. It was hard to tell if they really understood the story but even if they didn't fully get it I'm sure they got the love that was oozing out of us. I fell in love with these faces from the moment I laid eyes on them. God's love for them was full and overflowing in us.

I love looking at these. It makes me smile to remember their expressions, their voices, their giggles and smiles. These photos will warm my heart for years to come. Day 2 was even better! The ice had been broken and they really loved posing for my camera, can't wait to share those.

Hope you've all had a blessed week. I'm still feeling like I need a good solid 12 hours of sleep but a busy weekend planned ahead.


  1. what an amazing trip you had and these pictures are fantastic and tell such amazing stories -wow!

  2. I can't get enough of these photos!! Can't wait to see day 2!

  3. Kim, I cannot even imagine how wonderful this trip must have been. These photographs are wonderful, especially the last one.

  4. i can only imagine what you being there did to their beautiful hearts.....so beautiful are their eyes which show so much love.


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