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Monday, October 10, 2011

Arriving in Opuwo

After two days of flight and a stay over in Johannesburg we made a 6 hour drive to Tsumeb where we met with the missionaries we would be working with. We got acquainted, unpacked all of the supplies and gifts we'd brought along, ate pizza, and then we were given more details about the days ahead. The first bit of information they shared was that we had a 9 hour drive ahead of us the next day...I nearly broke down right then and there. I was so exhausted. It was in that moment I realized this trip was going to do more than just take me out of my comfort zone but also, perhaps, be straight up painful. I collapsed in the bed at their home that night and as the tears fell to my pillow I prayed a desperate prayer for peace. The restful sleep and God's answer to prayer gave me the strength to endure that last leg of the trip. When we finally arrived in Opuwo I knew immediately that it was worth the journey. It was like traveling back in time. The local women in traditional dress were simply stunning. We snapped pictures from behind the tinted windows inside the van having been warned not to take photos with out asking permission first.

Yesterday was our team presentation for the church. I put together a slide show for it and we each shared some of our personal experiences from the trip. It was so great to see my "Africa Family" and take a moment to reflect on the amazing moments of our journey. As you can imagine we all grew quite close and as much as you want to share what it's like pictures and stories only scratch the surface.

....Next we travel to the village.


  1. all i can say is wow....and now i can't wait for more photos !!

  2. So excited that you are sharing your journey with us! Can't wait for what is next!

  3. wow, that looks like an amazing journey!

  4. These are wonderful Kim, and I so appreciate you sharing them here.
    Thank you!!

  5. again fabulous, looking forward to more :)

  6. I am with Beth..wow...just wow. Seeing photos like this really put life into perspective.


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