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Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 2 at the village

Our second day at the village was pure joy. The ice had been broken and we now had a better idea of what we were doing which helped. We had the creation story told by a 72 year old clown, we did a fun craft, more hopscotch, and by the end of the day the village girls started braiding some of our ladies hair. They were fascinated to touch the different textures of hair and were surprised that one of our team mates (who's parents come from Fiji) was American, her darker skin and hair was not what they expected. We all marveled in the beauty of our differences. Please marvel along with me at the beauty in these faces. My heart swells with every one.


  1. Wow what a journey !!! I love looking at all your photos, see their expressions. Love the mix of sadness and happiness in some of their faces. But colors... love the colors.
    Amazing work you did there, socially and photographic.

  2. Truly beautiful smiling faces, and they looked happy to be photographed!
    These are beautiful, and I thank you so much for sharing them here.

  3. these people....your photos....amaze me !!


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