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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A month for reading...

I wouldn't call myself a reader. I don't normally do much reading unless I'm on vacation or have time to kill on a plane. With a long day of travel planned for work I made a call out to friends for some good reading material and wound up with these two books in my carry on tote. I read "Little Bee" first and very much enjoyed the hopefulness and beauty seen through the eyes of the tragic character of Little Bee herself. Well written and easy to read, I'd recommend it to anyone that enjoys poetic style writing. I didn't start "Bitter is the New Black" till I was half way through my flight home. It had a bit of a slow start for me but once the character goes through the major life change I was cracking up. Several laugh out loud moments in this book and I will definitely be looking to read more from Jen Lancaster.


  1. I'm on my way with more books! If I can find it, I'll bring Confessions of a Carb Queen. I've read it 3 times!


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