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Monday, March 29, 2010


I don't know why I'm always drawn to BLACK shoes! Even in spring/summer I gravitate towards them in the store and in my closet. Simplicity I suppose, the shoes I do have in color and print don't get worn often. Here are the fun feet fashions I picked up at Nordstroms Rack last week.


  1. Those shoes are from the Rack? You've got not only a talent for photography, you've got a God-given talent for a bargain & fashion. The Rack oughta pay for this -- cuz everyone who reads/sees it will be going there shopping! Creative photography! Beautiful.

  2. The pic on the piano is my fave...I would actually frame and hang this in my house

  3. I LOVE the last pair, though I could never wear them. I would probably fall and break my neck.

  4. first off, beeeautiful shoes! second, i went and added the nail polish details on the blog. it's by "no miss" and the color is boynton beach blue.


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