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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I haven't posted anything in a while because....well....I'm busy watching reality tv! The Bachelor finale is rearing it's ugly head (I swear if he chooses Vienna he gets what he deserves,) Survivor's anticipated heroes vs. villians season has begun, and Last Sunday the Amazing Race started off with a bang! Of course Biggest Loser is in the mix as well, however, the personalities on this season haven't gripped me like seasons past so I find myself "listening" to the show with my laptop or my son catching more of my attention on Tuesday nights. I know some people, many of which I call friend, hate reality television but I wear my badge of "reality show fan" with pride.

The Bachelor: So, will Gia be the next bachelorette? I think she'd be a great candidate, she handled herself with such class when she got dumped Monday night. She's ridiculously hot! And it seems as though she's had a tough time with love, might do her self esteem some good to have 25 guys vying for her love.

Survivor: MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW! The mix of "heroes" and "villans" makes for a very interesting twist. I have NO IDEA who will outwit this group of savvy past contestants. They've all seen each other's game before so someone is gonna have to be beyond crafty to make it to the end. Oh, and James, will you marry me? :)

Amazing Race: I like the attorney girls and the Big Brother couple so far. But it's way too early to know who's going to handle the pressure. More than anything I enjoy seeing the relationships challenged, the true nature of people is on display often in this show and I find it fascinating.

Biggest Loser: My co-worker read an article about how much of this show is not what it seems. It's sort of a relief because even if I worked out 8 hours a day I don't think I could ever lose 17 lbs in a week! I still enjoy seeing the drastic changes and watching Jillian yell and scream.

OK I promise I'll step away from the tv and get the pics posted I took last weekend real soon!

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