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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm almost feeling guilty about posting that previous pic of the toothpick thin model. Yes, I LOVE that dress but I'd much rather see it on Crystal Renn! For those of you fashionista's living under a rock Crystal Renn is a size 12 Supermodel that is promoting the truth that healthy, curvy women are BEAUTIFUL! She started her modeling carrer at 14 and after suffering from anorexia trying to meet the expectations of the industry she gained weight and came back on the scene.

I've still got some work to do to get back into my 12's, one more size. So a more appropriate picture for me to set as my goal would be one of the many stunning ones here of the gorgeous Crystal.


  1. I think everyone ( mainly me ) is cool with plus size models as long as they are less than a 14, gorgeous, and have big boobs and hips. So what becomes of the small breasted almond-shaped girl shopping at Lane Bryant? who does she look up to? Oh and cmon now, lets not equate being a 12 to being healthy... I'd love to see this chick run a 5k without throwing up. Models are like athletes.... not everyone can throw a 50 yard pass exactly where they want it, and not every girl can eat a slab of baby back ribs, do no exercise, and be a 3/4, but there ARE some out there, and they make it to the big leagues...do we ask the modeling world not to hire the skinny girl who is just built that way? Is she not a "real" woman? Of course there are the extremely bony girls who are gross. It seems like you need to either be a 0 or a 9+ to model, anything in between and you're out of a job.

  2. She's healthier now at a size 12 than she was with an eating disorder and the multitude of health problems that disorder came with. I know women can be healthy in a variety of sizes. My statement that she is promoting the beauty of healthy women has more to do with her personal story. So stop trying to start a feud my friend ;)


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