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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Non-Stop Saturday

Whew!!! I know I'm not the most ambitious woman. Self proclaimed queen of all procrastinators and usually looking for the easiest way to get as little as possible done, yep that's me. But after several fun filled weekends the "to-do" list was getting pretty long. I got up early to satisfy my son's craving for "pancakes" at IHOP. I never go out for breakfast since I don't like eggs but he was asking for pancakes and far be it from me to deny that sweet face of something so simple. Turns out it wasn't actually pancakes he wanted. After about three bites he proceeded to only eat the whipped cream topping, still haven't quite figured out what he thought pancakes were. Maybe he thought they were another form of actual cake, poor kid was disappointed. Then we hit the local farmers market to check a few things off my grocery list. Followed by Target(my addiction,) Nugget grocery store, then home to put the boy down for his nap and start on the overflowing dirty laundry. Made a quick run to get the oil changed while the little man snoozed and hit a thrift shop while the car was getting worked on but that trip only confirmed I need to drop one more size before the real fun in shopping begins. The original plan for the rest of the day was going to be another venture in learning to cook. I know how to cook basic stuff but I've been trying to branch out lately and tonight's menu plan was pork tenderloin with roasted root veggies and a butternut squash barley pilaf, but we got an invite to meet up with another single mom friend and since my boy hasn't seen his lil buddy in a long time I asked my 2 year old what we should do and of course he voted we go play. We smashed downtown to a non-profit kids art center to meet up with our friends, great place with all kinds of tools and resources to feed kids creative needs. After about an hour and a half of play we ran through taco bell for a nutritious dinner, mother of the year award there, then home to finish up that pile of laundry. After we had an "incident" in the bathtub I will spare you the details of, let's just say that duty in motherhood has thus far won the award for my least fav, I am finally crashing...days like this make my feet ache and ensure I'll have a good nights sleep.


  1. Thats a pretty productive day... Can you post the details of the non-profit thingie? Or hotlink it in your article?


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