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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kara Senior Portraits

This was my first photo shoot after surgery. It's been over 6 months since my last shoot!
Needless to say I went a little overboard. I mean come on.
A gorgeous girl, a beautiful setting, wouldn't you?
Thank God Kara was patient with me as I had her traipsing all over that property all afternoon.


Beyond the fun I had with my camera 
I sincerely enjoyed getting to spend time with this lovely young lady.
Just like her mom, whom I've known for years, 
she is sweet and fun and kind-hearted and obviously beautiful.


Thank you so much Kara (and mom Terry) for allowing me the privilege of taking senior portraits for you!


  1. A lovely young lady, and these are wonderful portraits Kim. I'll bet both she and Mom and loving them.

  2. what a beautiful girl !!
    i love the tilted sepia colored photo.... LOTS !!!

    please tell me she checked for ticks afterwards :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL GIRL...you captured her well. talk about gorgeous lighting!

    cracking up at Beth's comment about ticks ( read her post today )


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