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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Morning moment and PS Actions

The sun rises and sets on either side of our house. The bathroom is on the east side, so the morning light is always a little glorious. Elijah was on his stool washing his hands (he is a hand washing nazi now) bathed in that light that screamed to me "GRAB YOUR CAMERA!" By the time I grabbed it and fixed my settings he was bouncing down the hall moving on to the next task of the morning. Playing with his trains no doubt. Yes, the mirror reflection shows that the kitchen is messy and you can clearly see my laundry on the bathroom floor. Oh well, it's a real morning moment.

Bear with me here...blogger has switched it all up on me and of course I have to play around with it a bit to figure this new format out. Sometimes I really wish I was more techincally savvy! OK, all the time.

This photo has nothing to do with this topic because it's straight out of camera, but I've been shopping around trying to find new PS actions and although there are a handful of photographers editing in a way that I yearn to learn I can't seem to find any actions that have that same look and feel. Is it rude to ask them what they use? Do I look like a total rookie or like I'm copying their style to say "Hey I love the way you edit can you give me some pointers?" Most probably wouldn't bother telling me with out some sort of fee...but honestly I'd pay to learn how to do that. What are some of your favorite PS Actions?


  1. Florabella classic workflow collection. I use them all the time for everything. I have bought her other sets and rarely use them. But classic work...best money I have spent! Here is the link:

    P.s. Love this photo you posted...so real!!!

  2. Clickin Mom film preset, has been my best friend lately. I rarely use Photoshop, still trying to figure it out. But when I use, is just to sharpening and resize for web, both free actions from MCPactions. I am still looking for a great b&w preset or action, let me know what you decide.

  3. One of the great things about being here, is that we can all learn from each other.
    I never mind anyone asking for info.
    I am going to agree with Caroline on Florabella.
    There are also a couple I love from Coffee Shop for black and white (Creamy Toffee Latte, and Hot Chocolate).

  4. And I do LOVE this shot!!!!

  5. i am with you on actions--need some serious help and guidance in that area. sorry i don't have any suggestions personally, but i know a lot of people like my four hens. (i actually bought some of hers once and have yet to try them!)

  6. Slightly different to actions but I'm totally hooked on radlab..they have a free 30 day trial too!!

  7. I love your capture. That's how it is with me--capturing the moment and all the messiness associated with it. I need to learn somethings about actions too. Perhaps they would pull me from the doldrums... Have a great week.

  8. always ask what they use....the nice bloggers will openly share with you :)


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