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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A pretty big day

I know Easter was a week ago but after the day was over I needed time to re-coup.

This Easter was kind of a big deal.

The kids at church were darling as usual. Singing on stage complete with hand motions. They all looked like little Easter outfit models straight out of the catalog while they hunted eggs.

This year Devin offered to host the celebration at his place, which would bring our families together for the first time. I had no worries about how our families would blend. The first time I met his family I knew right off the bat they were much like my own and our families would mix well.

It was more the pressure of getting the place decorated, cleaned, obtain all the requirements to host a party of 20, and have tasty hot food on the table at once that had the both of us working hard for days. The day went off beautifully.

We celebrated all the wonder that is Easter as well as two birthdays and the joining of our two families. Words can't express how excited I am to be a part of Devin's family and see my own grow with the addition of so many amazing and beautiful people. We missed those that couldn't be there but there were smiles and hugs and loves and just a small taste of the celebration to come at the wedding.

A big day, a good day, and plans are in full motion for THE REAL BIG DAY!


  1. Love it! I miss a good old Easter egg hunt!

  2. I see that you had a wonderful day. Easter is always fun.

  3. what a beautiful family.....truly beautiful !!!


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