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Friday, September 9, 2011

Glass Beach

Day 3 of the Fort Bragg trip we visited Glass Beach.

Pretty neat that years of trash has been turned into a treasure hunt.

We bagged up our treasures and headed back to camp for a walk along the beach. I'm so glad my boy is such an ocean lover like his mama. Did I mention that we were blessed to see whales in the distance from our campsite the entire weekend? Spotting whale tales and blowhole spray was beyond amazing!

We ended the day with a firewood band concert!!
(That is Asher's "rockstar" face in case you were wondering.)


  1. You guys are having way too much fun. Love it.
    I love the shot of your son seating on that rock, and also the picture before that. Lovely.

  2. Trash you say? Was the beach polluted? I'm a little confused but once again, I love your photos!

  3. I can't tell you how much these pictures makes me want to pack up and go to the beach.

  4. Glass beach is one of my favorite beaches to visit. So jealous of your trip! We used to go over October and maybe I need to bring back that tradition! :) Love these pictures and SO happy to see one of you and Devin... you need to visit this side of the camera more often, pretty lady. Love the crab leg photo and the one of E on the rock looking out at the ocean... awesome photographs from this trip!

    Sabrina, Glass Beach used to be the dump (from what I remember/understand) so eventually as the water rose it washed everything over so long that all of the glass smoothed out, like polished rocks. Its pretty cool.

  5. i love the beach, the ocean the presents you find. did you see that heart in that bag of yours? you must have.

    and that crab leg photo....swoon.


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