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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fort Bragg Day 1

The Labor Day beach camping trip to Fort Bragg was so full of beauty and laughter my camera was working overtime...that and the pressure of being the "official trip photographer."
My friends didn't even bother bringing their camera's so I couldn't let them down!
As a result I took A LOT of photo's.
My apologies in advance for the family vacation slide show-esque posts...
I'll try to spare you a 500 photo post and break it up a bit.

After the 5 hour drive we arrived to the campground and the sun was shining!
It was pretty much the only fog free day we had so I'm glad we spent the rest of the day getting our fill of vitamin D. The kids found a little hole in the sand and that became hours of entertainment. Nothing like a sandy beach and a group of fun loving kids
to bring out the adorable smiles. :)

The dad's joined in the fun and of course became human jungle gyms.

C-dawg hopped on the pile and ended up with a face full of sand. LOL!!!


  1. the light on these shots is absolutely wonderful, perfect 'golden hour' shots, it looks like you had a really wonderful time.

  2. Great shots the sunlight is so pretty :)

  3. Aww, it looks like everyone had such a great time! Wonderful photographs and such wonderful memories to hold onto.

  4. Oh my...such warm, happy and golden shots!!! Wonderful!

  5. this post should come with a warning....."CONTAGIOUS SMILES AHEAD"

  6. So much fun. I miss to have this kind of fun with my family back in Brazil.
    Love your photos


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