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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photo's of GG

The family is fishing through old pictures of my Grandma Lynette for the

funeral. My mom scanned a few and sent them to me.

I adore old pictures of my loved ones so I had to share with you.

Check out what a stunning woman she was!

That cute lil boy is my daddy. Funny, I sort of see my son in his face.

Grandpa Stan with Grandma Lynette at my parent's wedding. I love these people!

This was Mother's day a couple years ago, the last time we were all together.

Two of the lovely people in this picture now reside in heaven.

Looking through all of the old pictures is bringing back memories and flooding

me with warm fuzzies, just another reason I love photographs so much.


  1. Love her glasses in the fourth pic from the top!

  2. So touching. And your grandmother was beautiful. Bless her soul.


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