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Monday, April 11, 2011

Monkey's and Snake's

Just a lil animal fun from a recent trip to the Sacramento zoo.

Today I'm feeling a bit like I'm surrounded by some of these characters,

only on two legs with the ability to talk and type.

Monkey's and snakes at least.

I've been refraining from jumping into drama that isn't mine all day,

so I'll vent here with a quick "Hey, STOP IT! Your ugly side is showing!"

I feel better now. :)


  1. Dontcha just hate drama...especially drama that is not yours but seems to keep nipping at you...

    how are you doing?

    I am so ashamed to say...I have never been to a zoo...that is now on my bucket list :-)


  2. I do Jakki! I'm allergic to drama! And I'm doing good, thanks.

  3. Great shots Kimberly!
    Absolutely LOVE the first one.
    Such a wonderfully expressive face!

  4. i often go to the zoo for a pick me up.....thanks for reminding me how much i love it there !!!


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