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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Another great thing about living in Northern Cali is we're surrounded by beautiful wineries that create some of the worlds best vino.
I pass a huge winery every day on my commute into work and we're anywhere from
15 min to an hour away from hundreds more.
Beautiful scenery and yummy red wine.

Amidst the storm and kids dress up play on Saturday some friends and I made a pit stop at a quaint winery in Lodi. I'd sampled a few of their wine's at Zinfest last summer, was impressed, and have been wanting to check out the winery for a while.

D'art didn't disappoint.

Friendly staff, laid back atmosphere, free tastings, and oh so yummy!

I will be returning!


  1. Love your capture of the vineyards. We have a vineyard close by, but I've never been. The closest we come to something like that is the scuppernong and muscadine vineyards (very small). Most grow wild and are used for jellies, but some people make wine from them too. Cool captures.

  2. The shot second from the bottom is my favorite! Really amazing :)

    Thanks for your wonderful comment.

  3. Love the photographs here Kimberly.
    Truly beautiful!

  4. years ago we went up in a hot air balloon and rode it over the vineyards...we were in napa valley....and it still remains as one of the best things we ever did :)


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