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Sunday, October 26, 2014


I haven't done a newborn shoot in years, and never in the first week of life.  I was so excited when my dear friend told me she was expecting and quickly informed her I would be showing up at her home soon after she gave birth to capture her precious boy in all that newborn magic.  I had dreams of a sleeping bundle easy to pose and perfectly still...a dream model right?  Yeah, he was not on board with that plan.  Little Sawyer, just like his mommy, was wide awake and full of energy.  So although my expectations were far from reality we rolled with it and I still see so much beauty in these photos and the details of his first week of life at home. 

Congratulations Stephanie and Donovan!
He is perfect and I can't wait to watch (and capture) him as he grows.


  1. these are beautiful and believe me, newborns are not easy! they have to milk drunk to shoot them and in a really warm room. after that, you can do almost anything to them….but as soon as they're awake….ugh…forget about it. 6 month old photos will be so much easier!!!!

  2. He is just precious, Kim, and these photographs are so beautiful.

  3. I love them all but that last one stole my heart. xx


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