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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A bridal shower and a baby fix


Another weekend of running around making the most of every moment.

I crammed my car full of kids and hauled them to all kinds of fun on Fri and Sat. They arrived safely, got fed, didn't fight, and said they had fun, I think that earns me a star on my mommy badge.

I also picked up my wedding dress! Squeeeeeeeeal!

Then this afternoon a wonderful bridal shower was thrown for me by the amazing ladies from my church. I completely feel showered with love. I can't begin to explain what a beautiful and touching event it was and I didn't bring my camera so if you weren't there you will just have to take my word for it. I am blessed to have so many amazing women in my family, my future family, and my church family. I am overwhelmed, and for a change it's not by wedding details and stress but by the outpouring of love from women that are genuinely so happy for Devin and I they just want to celebrate!
34 days till this party is on!

Since I haven't had my camera out in a few I'll give you a baby fix from the newborn shoot I had the pleasure of doing a couple weekends ago. Her name is Evelyn.  Isn't she a doll? I'm getting an edit done here and there when I find free time.  Fortunately mom and dad are understanding about my crazy schedule right now.  I think they are too wrapped up in love with their precious new baby girl to care.  Thank God for that.

I hope the love that's overflowing in my heart tonight has oozed out through this post and found it's way into yours.
And if it didn't at least you can smile at that sweet baby face.


  1. What an amazing weekend, and a joyful celebration!

  2. What a precious gift from GOD and you captured her so beautifully.
    Blessings to you on your engagement and upcoming wedding. Take each day slow and enjoy the ride to your big day as it will go fast.
    Looking over some of your post, You are an outstanding photographer; no wonder your friends wanted you to photograph their wedding. You did an amazing job and they have you to thank for capturing their big day. I can’t believe it was your first! Perfection!
    GOD bless you and keep you all safe in his care~!

  3. It did indeed, and I am so happy for you Kim!
    This little one is absolutely precious.

  4. I so want to see that dress of yours and I can't wait to see who you chose as your wedding photog!


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