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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just hold still for a moment

Words I say to my child frequently but today I say it to myself. I always feel the need to be doing something lately, too much on my plate to waste a single minute. But if you don't stop and hold still and just take a moment to catch your breath, refocus, and allow yourself to soak in the now it will be nothing more than time lost.

Friends and family keep saying to enjoy these moments before the wedding but all Devin and I want to do is fast forward to it. The daily countdown has even started. There's still a long to do list but all of the big stuff is done. I find myself just getting through the weeks focused on finishing the work day and hitting the gym and staying on my diet before I crash out for the night. Then spending my weekends trying to get things done for the wedding and make some summer memories with the kids. What pre-wedding moments am I supposed to be savoring exactly? I've enjoyed putting the details together for sure but most of that stuff is done. Everything that's left is the not-so-fun details that require a lot of free time to kill. I'm not complaining, please don't take it as that. I'm just trying to figure out what it is I'm supposed to be enjoying right now so I can make sure I don't miss out on it.

I really just want to be married already. ;)

Just saw this on pinterest: Don't count the days. Make the days count.

challenge accepted.


  1. Seems like you are more excited about having a marriage than having a wedding.

    That's the way to be.

  2. Good luck in the days leading up to your wedding! Zac and I had our wedding on the 30th of June. Looking back, it was a joyful time with my family. What helped me to enjoy our time the most, and what prevented me from having any sort of meltdown was to constantly focusing on simplifying. When I started feeling stressed about not having programs designed & printed... I decided to scrap them. Same with the boutonnieres. I don't think anyone missed them. That would be the best advice I've got. I wish you the most wonderful wedding! xo

  3. enjoy these moments, these are good things to be stressed about.
    it will be a lovely time to look back on, in your life.

  4. Congrats on the impending wedding! Just remember that it's supposed to be a day to enjoy, not to stress over. We skipped it and went straight to the reception. Such is us...

    Lovely pictures!

  5. You are supposed to enjoy the fact that you have so very much to look forward to in your new life!
    The details? Well yes, they have to be attended to, but in the end they really are just details.
    What's important is your new little family, and all of the wonderful things ahead.
    I am truly so excited for you, Kim!


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