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Friday, December 10, 2010

Take notice

The timing of this injury is, as usual, very inconvenient. I have Christmas shopping to finish! Thank God for online shopping. I also can't easily take any pictures since my hands are tied up in crutches. I miss my camera, she hasn't been in my hand for weeks now and I am longing to capture some holiday lights and color. So until things are healed up enough for me to use my hands for shopping, baking, and snapping pictures I need to take some time to get my mind in photographer mode. Slow down, look around, take notice. The details are still there and still beautiful even though I don't have the means to capture them to share. I can still enjoy and appreciate the details and moments of the season. I can also enjoy the beauty of fellow photographers that consistently take my breath away. I created a gallery in flickr of a few of the Christmas lovelies, click the link and enjoy!



  1. I am so sorry you are hurt, and I hope that you are "good as new" very soon!


  2. Don't be afraid to use the courtesy scooter at your local grocery store. Riding around the frozen section in one of those bad boys is fun! Even better than a trampoline.

  3. Was it the trampoline? I'm sooo sorry you are hurt. :(

  4. Oh Noooo! Time to invent a cranium-mounted camera harness with a remote-control shutter trigger! Stat! Hope you're on the mend and back to shooting soon.


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