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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taking off Tuesday!

So today my baby boy turned 3. 3 years has flown by and I've loved every moment of it! I spoil my boy. I won't even try to deny that. So for his 3rd b-day we did the family get together on Sunday with ice cream cake to top it off and I've got a fun party with all his lil buddies planned for this Saturday at Funderland in Sac. That place has been around since before I was a kid and I can't wait for him to enjoy a day with his pal's on some kiddie rides. Since his actual b-day hit on a Tuesday I had to take the day off to spend with my precious boy. We started the day off running errands to get the last few details for Saturdays party, then came home for some artistic fun with finger paints and Curious George stamps (my boy loves that monkey!)

When it was Bday boys nap time mama made an escape to the salon for a quick pedi, like my blue nails?

I also stopped in at a cute lil consignment shop and couldn't pass up this adorable lil vintage purse for $8!

We did the serenade and let him blow out a candle on a cupcake for the second time. He loves to blow out candles and Happy Birthday is probably one of his fave songs. Of course the best part is the icing...I re-frosted this cupcake 3 times so he could get his fill of the good stuff.

A great way to spend a vacation day. Love you baby boy!


  1. How sweet (literally) that you re-iced the cup cake! Love the blue toes and the cute bag.

  2. Hee Hee! Thanks, it's not as fab as your Coach but hey...$8!

  3. what a cute way to spend the day!!! Loving that new purse.



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