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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers day hangover

A whirlwind weekend of fun! Started it off with a fun photoshoot with the adorable Preston. He was a great model, mom helped a ton coaxing out the smiles and I got some great shots! Headed home to hit the local street fair. Spending time with my best friend and watching our kids play is always wonderful. Saturday got up at the crack of dawn to participate in the breast cancer walk. I joined the team of the morning show DJ I listen to, because she cracks me up every weekday morning I figured hanging out with her at the walk would be a blast...I was right. I hope the station website posts some pics cuz I didn't take my camera! Sat night was a 3 year old b-day party...rock n roll theme was so cute! Mothers day we met up with family at Outback for lunch, headed home for a quick nap then off to spend time with more friends to wrap up the weekend. It's no wonder I'm too exhausted to make it to work today. I crammed way too much into the weekend but it was worth it. Pics of Preston coming shortly!

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