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Saturday, December 13, 2014

New family member

So for months and months I've been looking for a new pet.  

Cute and cuddly but low maintenance was the criteria.  

Then one day a friend posted on FB that three kittens had been abandoned on her property and she was

 looking for homes for them.  I pretty much knew as soon as I saw that sweet face I'd found our new pet. 

 Elijah named him Casey Jones, but basically calls him "meow meow" 99% of the time.  

He's been such a fun addition to the family.  

The kids love to play with him and he's a total snuggle bug when they've worn him out.  

I've never been a huge pet person.  I like animals, I just didn't grow up with them so unlike most of you I 

don't feel the need for a fur baby in my house.  This lil guy has won my heart though.  

I'm sure glad he's joined our funky bunch.


  1. what a gift you have in that furry baby….and those eyes? WOW WOW WOW!!!


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