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Saturday, November 10, 2012

More on Maui

One of the excursions I had to ensure we planned ahead was a snorkeling trip. Neither of us had ever been snorkeling and with all the rave reviews we'd heard about the trips to the crater and "turtle town" I was in. It didn't take 10 min in the water before both Devin and I were hooked on snorkeling. It's so beautiful. You really get a feeling that you are getting a chance to peek in on another world. We saw so many breathtaking colors and patterns down there. I swear if I were a fashion designer I'd do every summer line based on snorkeling trips.

We didn't rent the camera's to take underwater with us but after our trip we did hit the aquarium where they have a group of baby sea turtles. Sooo cute! I just love sea turtles. I mean seriously look at those faces!  We did get to swim close to a few at turtle town on the snorkeling trip. The visibility wasn't great and those awesome creatures are surprisingly fast!  I struggled for quite a while to finally spot one only to have it fly under me too quickly for me to catch up with.  Still... I swam close to a giant sea turtle in open sea which was basically the one thing on my list I was dying to check off.  CHECK!

I only wish the California coasts weren't so darn cold or we'd be asking for snorkeling equipment for Christmas. Oh well...next trip to Hawaii we'll be spending more hours with our booties bobbing watching the underwater life and finding hidden treasures swept off swimmers bodies. Hee hee.


  1. You are such a beautiful couple, and these photographs are wonderful, Kim! I love sea turtles too. Those great big eyes just melt my heart.
    I hope you are having a wonderful week!

  2. Kim, just stopping back to wish you and your beautiful family, a truly magical Christmas.


  3. What a sweet looking couple you both make. Great pictures of the turtle!!

    I see you have not been on since November, I pray all is good with you and your love. Was checking in to see when you were going to post your wedding pictures.

    GOD keep you all safe and blessed.


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