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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Missing my space

I miss this little space o' mine. I miss being inspired to capture the every day beauty. When the wedding planning madness ends I'm settled into the new chapter I want to do another 30 day photo project. I've totally failed on the self portraits lately. Maybe, just maybe, this weekend I will get a moment alone with my camera. Fingers crossed!

I had the opportunity to second shoot a wedding a couple weeks ago. This awesome window was just a little taste of the coolness that oozed all over this venue. It was an eye opening experience and I learned a lot. Thank you Dave!

I shot a boudoir session last weekend, so much fun! I probably won't be posting many of those shots when the edits are done though. "For his eyes only" and all that.

So that's what I've been up to outside of crossing things off the long wedding "to-do list" and hitting the gym like Jillian Micheal's is after me. I can't believe the wedding only 3 months away! I'm so excited.

Hope you're all enjoying your summer!



  1. Summer is always such a busy time and yours is extra busy this year.
    So much excitement, and so much to look forward to.
    I am excited for you!

  2. good luck with the final wedding plans!

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I am also so absent and behind on my comments to my friends.
    But I am watching on and off. Summer will be crazy, but soon...
    I am so excited with the wedding.. good luck, you deserve the best.


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